Better Fitness Through Engineering
Using an engineering methodology to improve all aspects of fitness

I am using this site to document things I learn about fitness and how I use my engineering background to test different protocols in diet, training, recovery, and supplementation. I am a “gadget guy” and will provide the feedback on anything that I try to make myself a better athlete.

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Dr. Stuart McGill Expert on back pain, how to identify and self treat symptons for stronger back.  

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There is a lot more to dieting than trying to follow the latest diet people are talking about. If you truly want to lose weight and become healthier you need to educate yourself along the way. If you do not learn the why to a diet or lifestyle, once you finish or quit the diet,… Read More

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Breanna hitting a PR in bench press for a weight of 90 lbs.  

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Taken from Ben Greenfield podcast #381 Take aways When should you take in nutrition after workout in “anabolic window” of 1-2 hours? take in amino acids / protein only (no carbs necessary) if you trained fasted without pre-workout nutrition Take in both protein & carbs if you are trying to gain weight as it is… Read More

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Preventing and Reversing Alzheimer’s Disease Ronda Patrick, Ph.D interview with Dr. Dale Bredesen Take Away’s Need to read his book,”The End of Alzheimer’s: The First Program to Prevent and Reverse Cognitive Decline” ReCODE – reversal of cognitive decline – a protocol that offers a new approach to treatment that has reversed symptoms in patients with… Read More

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