Taken from Ben Greenfield podcast #381

Take aways

When should you take in nutrition after workout in “anabolic window” of 1-2 hours?

  • take in amino acids / protein only (no carbs necessary) if you trained fasted without pre-workout nutrition
  • Take in both protein & carbs if you are trying to gain weight as it is tough to get in all the calories every day.
  • Take in both if you are training aggressively two times per day and second workout is within 8 hours of first.

When you do NOT need post-workout nutrition?

  • You take in a pre-workout meal that includes protein or better yet amino acids (EAA)
  • when you are happy with where you are or are trying to lose a little fat and you are not working out a second time within 8 hours.

Benefits of not taking a post-workout meal.

  • continue benefits from fasting, if you train in morning on empty stomach
  • Your natural GH production is spiked when you sleep and during workout so eating Post-workout stops the GH benefits.

Good healthy post-workout ideas:
Trader Joe’s Coconut Chunks
Living Fuel SuperGreens
Bulletproof Octane
Onnit Emulsified MCT oil