Triathlon training

  • Swim 2x per week working up to 1200 yards per swim.
  • Bike 1-2x per week, 20-25 miles ea,, logging seat time.
  • Run 1x on road, 1-2x on elliptical, MIIT (medium intensity), 1.5-2 miles ea.

Crossfit training

  • 3 classes a week.

Solo Training

  • Shoulder and hip stability muscles
  • second leg workout using BFR training bands.
  • Mobility focus on hips.
  • 2 15-20 minute sauna sessions after training.

Personal challenge / goal

  • Community Fitness Gym row challenge for the month of January.
  • progressive training to get a muscle up using Ring Thing from Power Monkey
  • Continue to focus on core exercises 5x per week.
  • develop 1 training plan to improve an athletes power, strength, mobility, and balance in such a way that he/she can take my plan pattern and make his/her own workouts in the future.

Personal growth plan- Education / Research / Documentation

  • Research Heart Rate Variability (HRV) and how to best utilize it in my training.
  • Research Nootropic supplements and their benefits to training and specifically reaction time improvement.
  • Exercise / condition focus on upper back / neck to improve postue & balance.
  • Listen & take notes to min 5 podcasts & 2 books.

Personal diet plan

  • utilize Modified KETO diet by playing with adding more carbs at different times of the day
  • eat 4 meals a day in an effort to put on some size taking advantage of insulin reset theory of mine.
  • Gain 1-2 lbs of muscle.

2018-12-15 Saturday Log

Leg training

Tried reduced blood flow training using 5 exercises:

  • box step ups
  • air squats on bosu ball
  • leg extensions
  • leg curls
  • calf raises
  • Use lighter weight 30% 1RM for higher reps.
  • did 25-30 reps, rest 30s 15-20 reps, rest 30s, 10-15 reps

Core work

did multiple sets of lower, middle, & upper core between leg sets.

Notes from Saturday:

spent Friday night on East coast because  of a LCS soccer game so didn’t get a normal routine in. Got home about 3:00 pm.  Went to gym for light leg/core workout where I experimented with a RBF workout (restricted blood flow).

Diet was non-routine as well.  Ate eggs at Hampton in, then lunch at PDQ, and normal shake at home, then some snack food at a party that the wife and I attended.