Podcast EliteHRV & Alan Couzens

Alan Couzens Interview

Good coaching resource for Triathlons, specializing in periodization and training planing.

Notes from Interview

  • Perfect periodization. The case for separating volume and intensity in a model for training.
  • Volume is sometimes underrated. Intensity is appealing but isn’t always the solution to better results.
  • Modulating volume and intensity in training for better long term results.
  • Connective tissue takes longer to adapt than muscle tissue. Why this is important for long term results.
  • Predicting injury with machine learning. Variables to consider.
  • Predicting athlete injury:
  • Training and non-training factors. Using HRV to understand the bigger picture of performance.
  • The stress of competition changes how your body handles heat, hydration, energy regulation and more.

2018-12-15 Saturday Log

Leg training

Tried reduced blood flow training using 5 exercises:

  • box step ups
  • air squats on bosu ball
  • leg extensions
  • leg curls
  • calf raises
  • Use lighter weight 30% 1RM for higher reps.
  • did 25-30 reps, rest 30s 15-20 reps, rest 30s, 10-15 reps

Core work

did multiple sets of lower, middle, & upper core between leg sets.

Notes from Saturday:

spent Friday night on East coast because  of a LCS soccer game so didn’t get a normal routine in. Got home about 3:00 pm.  Went to gym for light leg/core workout where I experimented with a RBF workout (restricted blood flow).

Diet was non-routine as well.  Ate eggs at Hampton in, then lunch at PDQ, and normal shake at home, then some snack food at a party that the wife and I attended.