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Fasting involves restricting or abstaining from food intake for a period of time to achieve a
physical, mental, or spiritual outcome.

There have been countless books written about the greatest diets to achieve optimal health. All of them cover food choices, many covers exercise and some of the better ones delve into lifestyle factors like sleep and sunshine. However, most of them are missing one key the method that has been shown to revolutionize health regardless of what you eat fasting.

Whether voluntary or not, fasting has been a practice throughout all of human evolution. Our ancestors didn’t have modern conveniences like grocery stores and refrigerators – sometimes they had to go days or even weeks without food. As a result, we evolved specific adaptations to
deal with those periods of famine. We’re hard-coded to be able to survive and even thrive with some regular fasting incorporated into our lives. In fact, fasting is still a common practice among the world’s longest-living populations.