For Cholesterol

Because my bloodwork always indicates high cholesterol (genetic) I have started taking OTC cholesterol supplements seriously and found that by taking the following three supplements I am getting the most bang for my buck.

Moss Lipid Select 60 I take this because of the red yeast rice & CoQ10

Biotics Research: Lipid-Sirt. I take this because of the plant sterols & green tea.

Kyolic Lecithin Cholesterol 104 Garlic & Lecithin are helpful for high cholesterol

Joints & Inflammation

Moss Arthro Select– Basic joint supplement of staples:

Kion Flex

Recommended Usage: 2 servings per day empty stomach. Serving size: 4 Capsules


Dr. Axe Ancient Nutrition- I like to take pre-workout, with any protein shakes, and before bed.

Dr Axe makes some custom blends that I take the gut formula first thing, the joint formula throughout the day, and the rest formula at night.


Onnit Electrolytes- I like to take Pre-workout because sodium bicarbonate helps against lactic acid build up.

Ultima Electrolytes I like to mix in my water that I sip on throughout the day.

Perfect Keto electrolytes– I like to take one before I go to bed to keep from having to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

Superfood Powders (greens & other colors)

I try to take in green vegetables or a green supplement with every meal. I typically take two different servings of a greens supplement. I like to use two different brands so you get a better variety.

Athletic Greens- This is by far the best one on the market and is the most expensive. It is my staple. I will switch out my second brand from time to time, but not this one.

Organifi Green– Good alternative to athletic greens.

Organifi Red– Good superfood of fruits. I like to use in afternoon for a pick me up.O


I definitely like to take a Pre-Workout supplement every day. In fact I am bad about cycling off of it for a week or two. Below are a couple that I like in order of preference.

Transparent Labs Pre-workout Bulk– Good solid supplement with most of traditional ingredients at a good price and no hidden “proprietary blend stacks”

NutraBio Natural Pre-workout– Good supplement without fillers and hidden “proprietary blends”.


Probiotics are good to take to keep gut biome in good health.

Thorne Flora Sport- Good general probiotic for very active athletes.

VSL#3 Probiotic- Very strong and expensive probiotic that I use after I have taken antibiotics.


Transparent Labs Creatine with HMB- Great stack that I like to use pre-workout and every time I have a protein shake. I only use 1/2 to 1/3 of a serving since I use it at least 2 times per day. Creatine max absorption is about 2,000mg so taking any more at once is waste.

Protein powders

I get plenty of protein from whole foods so I use protein powders from sources that I normally don’t eat like collagen, vegetarian, and goat (new for me, but supposed to be very good). If you want to use a great tasting protein powder, I use Syntha 6 for the shakes I make for the kids.

NutraBio Natural EAA– Essential amino acids are better to take before working out than a complete protein powder because it fuels the muscle faster. I use as part of my pre-workout.

MtCapra Goat milk protein– Alternative protein source to milk that has some good benefits:

  1. Easier to Digest
  2. Fewer Allergens and Less Inflammatory
  3. High in Calcium
  4. Helps Reduce Cholesterol Levels
  5. Promotes Glowing Skin
  6. Enhances Nutrient Absorption

Vega Clean Protein- Good vegetarian protein powder that I like to take since I do not eat enough vegetables.

Individual Vitamins

Thorne Multi Elite AM & PM– good multi vitamin from reputable company.

Moss Vitamin D3 w K2– Everyone needs more vitamin D and K3 is needed to make it more absorbable

Thorne Sulforaphane SGS- Sulforaphane has been associated with various health benefits and may beneficially affect cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and digestion.


I am just getting started with taking Nootropics and am still trying different formulas, but by far the best one (& most expensive) one is:

Neurohacker Collective Qualia– cocktail of over 50 different ingredients.

Mind Lab Pro– A less expensive alternative to Qualia that works pretty well.

Fish Oil

I struggle with what Fish oils to take. Cod, Krill, Fish, Algea, etc. Each has a different ration of the important Omega 3’s of EPA & DHA, but not sure what is the best ratio for me at this time. I plan on doing more research into fish oils in the future.

Nordic Naturals Cod Liver oil- I am currently taking this because it has a pretty even ratio of DHA/EPA plus added vitamin A.

Moss EPA/DHA Select- Good omega 3 source from reputable company.


I plan on doing a full blown study / experiment on improving sleep including trying other supplements, gadgets, and protocols in the future, but now I am currently taking the following items:

Moss Sleep select- This is my staple because it has several ingredients that improve sleep and is a very reputable company.

Dr. Axe Collagen (Rest & Recovery)- I already use Dr. Axe’s collagen products and this one is the one I use before bed.

Organifi Gold– Good nighttime blend to help you sleep better. I use their green (veggies) powder as well as their red (berries) powder during day.

MCT’s & Fats

MCT oils / powders are a good source of healthy fat that is available for immediate energy. I like to take with pre-workout as well as with any protein meal or protein powder (including collagen).

Onnit Emulsified MCT oil- MY first choice fr MCT oil because it mixes very well and doesn’t leave an oily taste. Kiss my Keto is probably my second choice.

Perfect Keto MCT powder- This is my first choice in powders because there are no filler ingredients and they sweeten with stevia. Again Kiss my keto would be my second choice.

Exogenous Ketones

I like to take exogenous ketones as part of my pre-workout cocktail. I also take them when I am doing a LCHF diet, but not to the extreme as to be in ketosis all the time. I take them after a meal as it helps with an insulin spike. I list a few products in the order I prefer them.

Real Ketones- I like this product because it was formulated by Dr. Dominic D’Agostino here in Tampa at USF.

Perfect Keto Base Ketones- I like this company because they have high quality ingredients without fillers. This product does not have the MCT oil in it as well so you would have to add MCT powder/oil to ketones to make them more effective.

Kiss my Keto Exogenous ketones- Another company with good products.


Moss Prostate select- Good prostate cocktail supplement

Liver Health

Designs for Health Hepatone Liver– Milt thistle cocktail