Training Section

Athletic Chest focus Workout

1. warm-up

  • 5 min on assault bike with high effort at the top of each min
    • 1:00 15s at 80%
    • 2:00 15s at 85%
    • 3:00 15s at 90%
    • 4:00 15s at 95%
  • Dynamic stretches
    • walking high knees, straight leg kicks, butt kicks, open gate, close gate, lunges
    • Med ball throws: granny, chest pass, overhead, side left & right

2. Athlete Block No.1 hip power & explosiveness

  • Dead Lifts off blocks with max standing long jump attempts
    • 4 sets after warm up sets of 5 reps @ 80%
    • 6 max effort long jumps w 30s rest between attempts

3. Strength Block (4 supper sets)

  • DB backwards Incline Bench
    • Start with arms straight and do one arm at a time
  • Ring rows with bodyweight

4. Explosive primary with secondary support groups (3 Tri sets)

  • Explosive push ups (claps) 6-10
  • Unilateral upright row with external arm twist using bands
  • Over head band pull aparts

5. Core work with bands @ medball

  • standing Low to high twists with rope med ball band
  • hanging knee raises with twist
  • standing Step outs with horizontal twist using rope med ball band
  • hanging knee raises , no twist
  • standing Overhead overextension with rope med ball band
  • prone supermans

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