Triathlon training

  • Swim 2x per week working up to 1200 yards per swim.
  • Bike 1-2x per week, 20-25 miles ea,, logging seat time.
  • Run 1x on road, 1-2x on elliptical, MIIT (medium intensity), 1.5-2 miles ea.

Crossfit training

  • 3 classes a week.

Solo Training

  • Shoulder and hip stability muscles
  • second leg workout using BFR training bands.
  • Mobility focus on hips.
  • 2 15-20 minute sauna sessions after training.

Personal challenge / goal

  • Community Fitness Gym row challenge for the month of January.
  • progressive training to get a muscle up using Ring Thing from Power Monkey
  • Continue to focus on core exercises 5x per week.
  • develop 1 training plan to improve an athletes power, strength, mobility, and balance in such a way that he/she can take my plan pattern and make his/her own workouts in the future.

Personal growth plan- Education / Research / Documentation

  • Research Heart Rate Variability (HRV) and how to best utilize it in my training.
  • Research Nootropic supplements and their benefits to training and specifically reaction time improvement.
  • Exercise / condition focus on upper back / neck to improve postue & balance.
  • Listen & take notes to min 5 podcasts & 2 books.

Personal diet plan

  • utilize Modified KETO diet by playing with adding more carbs at different times of the day
  • eat 4 meals a day in an effort to put on some size taking advantage of insulin reset theory of mine.
  • Gain 1-2 lbs of muscle.

December 2018 plan:

The goal is to just ease into triathlon training again and getting body use to it while continuing to crossfit train and focus on support muscles and mobility.

Current Body Composition

  • 208 lbs
  • 10% body fat
  • goal: increase weight 2-3 lbs

  • Swim 2x per week.
  • 1000 yards
  • all at LSD pace

  • 2x per week
  • work up to 30 miles
  • all LSD pace

  • 2x per week
  • work up to 2 miles
  • all LSD

  • 3x per week
  • do Sx WODS only
  • focus on endurance and not max weights

Isolation Work
  • Isolation work 2-3x per week
  • focus on imbalances, stability, full range of motion, and balance

  • Core work
  • 4-5 per week
  • 10-15 min

  • Continue Keto (low carb-high fat) eating plan
  • eat to a caloric surplus to try to add 2-3 lbs in month